Technology Center

Technology strategy

The technology center concentrates on “Leading the company future development, promoting the progress of technology and guaranteeing the company’s consistent leading position in the industry”. Keeping on improving the core competence of DIALINE, the center increases the investment in technology R&D and master the advanced technology of super hard materials industry to guide the development of industry. The center promotes the technology achievement transforming into the productivity of company to achieve the great economic benefit and social benefit and push forward the sustainable progress and development of company.

Leading strategy

Based on and centered on diamond wire products, we will continuously improve product quality, reduce cost, break through key technologies and occupy the technical commanding heights. In the future, the company will make breakthroughs in "ultra-fine diamond wire for silicon cutting", "diamond wire for large-size sapphire cutting", "high-efficiency diamond wire for magnetic material cutting", "high-efficiency intelligent electroplating diamond wire preparation technology" and other aspects. The company will rapidly bring new products and services which leading the development of the industry. The company will improve the production efficiency and quality of diamond wire, create new industry, national product and manufacturing standards, and promote the progress of the industry.


Extension strategy

We will strengthen horizontal technical cooperation, expand the application fields of products, and expand the diamond wire-cutting technology from sapphire, solar silicon, magnetic materials and other fields to more and broader hard and brittle materials such as semiconductor crystal silicon, precision ceramics and other processing fields, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise. Making research of product technology related with the industry chain, relying on the industry chain to develop new super hard material tool products (grinding tools, composite tools, etc.), to provide customers with a full range of value-added products and services, so that the enterprise become the world's first-class integrated service provider of hard and brittle material processing consumables, achieve win-win cooperation together with customers.


Platform strategy

We will continue to increase investment in the hardware facilities, talent introduction and technology introduction of the technology center and make it a comprehensive platform for technology input, transformation and output. Through the platform, advanced technology will be rapidly transformed into productivity, which will promote the integration of resources and ensure the enterprise to become bigger and stronger. It is planned to introduce 5-10 full-time Ph. Ds and industry senior experts within 5 years, and 10-20 within 10 years, and hire a group of university professors and entrepreneurs as the company's technical consultants, to build a strong technical research and development team. Establish postdoctoral workstations and academician expert workstations, with no less than 5 postdoctoral staff and no less than 1 academician, to build a first-class domestic technology center for processing consumables of hard and brittle materials.


R&D achievements

DIALINE insists on technical innovation to lead the development of industry

The provincial enterprise technology center invests specific R&D fund more than 10 million RMB in the technical innovation and product research and development every year. Until now, DIALINE has applied patent 50 items, including PCT 2 items, patent for invention 19 items, utility model 5 items. It is the constitutor of diamond wire industry standard , “Super hard abrasive products electroplated diamond wire” (JB/T 12543-2015)


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